Manufacturing water cores, intercooler cores, oil cores and other radiator systems

The Negrad Racing Radiator Kft. has a lot of professional experiences according to the preparation of heavy-duty aluminium water-cooler, air-cooler, oil-cooler and other cooler systems.

We deal just with the preparation of aluminium-stocked cooler systems and we build in them and repair them. It can be in a car, motorbike, street or sport vehicle, agrarian vehicle or other vehicles as well.

  • Achievement-rising drift technic with optimization and transformation.
  • Extreme sized and extreme using cooler systems’ preparation for street or race using as well.
  • Trapeze and bowed figured cooler systems.
  • Transformation of plastic waters-pace and airspace for aluminium.
  • Aluminium piping of air cooler systems.
  • preparation of aluminium intake manifolds and fuel tanks.
  • Changing the copper water-coolers for aluminium
  • Fabrication of high-pressured oil-coolers until 25 bars.

The high quality materials and construction is a guarantee for our clients’ satisfaction.